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Sebastian Janikowski, Charles Woodson approaching NFL career records

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There is a chance the Raiders could have a couple players celebrating breaking all-time NFL records this season. Two such players are Sebastian Janikowski and Charles Woodson.

The record Janikowski is in line to break is career field goals of 50 yards or more.

He currently sits at 45 career field goals of 50 plus yards. The NFL all-time record is 52, held by Jason Hanson who spent 21 seasons in the NFL. Janikowski is currently in his 15th season in the NFL. He had 7 attempts outside 50 yards last season, but in a rough year with new holder, Marquette King, Janikowski converted just three of those attempts.

The Polish Cannon needs eight field goals outside 50 yards this season to set a new all-time record. No other active NFL kicker has even 40 field goals of 50 yards or more.

Charles Woodson is currently tied for the most defensive touchdowns (12) in NFL history with former Raiders safety, Rod Woodson. He tied that record early last season when he recovered a fumble against the Chargers and ran it back for the score. One more defensive touchdowns this season and he takes sole possession of the all-time record. No other active player has even nine defensive touchdowns.

Woodson already leads all active players in interceptions (57) which includes his diving interception in the opener against the Jets. The closest active player to that is DeAngelo Hall with 43.

One more interception would tie Woodson with Emmitt Thomas (58) for 11th on the all time list. Five interceptions would put him in the top ten, tied with Dick LeBeau and Dave Brown (62).

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