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Oakland Raiders vs Houston Texans 2nd half thread

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Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Total domination. That is what the first quarter to this game was, and it was not in the Oakland Raiders favor. 23 plays, 14 points for the Texans to 3 plays, 0 points Raiders. Total. Freaking. Domination.

The Raiders could not do anything at all in that first quarter. Arian Foster gashed them on a 41 yard run to the goal line. They didn't  score on that run but 2 plays later they were in the end zone anyway. A Raiders 3 and out gave them the ball right back. Sure enough, the Texans drove all the way down again and scored another TD. They converted 4 3rd down plays on the drive which finished with a 6 yd TD run by Foster.

The 2nd quarter started out with Derek Carr showing off his speed with a beautiful 44 yd run, his under rated athleticism on full display. Too bad just a couple plays later he threw his first interception of his career which was returned for 56 yards to the Raiders 24 yard line. Darren McFadden was the last guy to beat but he made the TD saving tackle. The Raiders defense held finally and forced a 33 YD field goal for the Texans.

You have to give it to the rookie though, he came out for his next drive cool as a cucumber. It is important for a QB to have a short memory and Derek Carr showed that by not showing discomfort after the interception. Not that it mattered, they drove a bit but stalled near midfield anyway and had to punt it away. No harm, no foul though as the Raiders defense finally forced a Shane Lechler punt on the Texans next drive.

The Raiders had two minutes remaining in the half when they took over, and they almost made it count. In one of the most bizarre  plays you will see James Jones made a great catch but then fumbled the ball. He managed to get away and pick up the ball on the run, Yay! However, he fumbled it AGAIN and it was recovered by the Texans. It was, for lack of a better word, absurd.

The Texans ran it 3 straight times from inside their own 10 and punted it once more with 39 seconds left in the half. Too bad they have Shane Lechler who boomed a punt that TD Carrie didn't catch and the ball bounced way farther back than the Raiders anticipated. They still managed to get into Sebastian Janikowski's range but DMC failed to get out of bounds and the clock ran out.

Hopefully the 2nd half is better for the Raiders, they will start out with the ball. They played better in the 2nd quarter at least but they still didn't put up any points. Many people consider this a must win game for the Raiders head coach Dennis Allen, his team isn't playing like it is though.