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The Morning After: Oakland Raiders vs Houston Texans

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Thearon W. Henderson

"We Suck"

Those are the words that Charles Woodson used after the game and it really is just that simple. They suck. This is not a good football team and it won't be as long as Dennis Allen is in charge of it.

Patience has been given as much as possible for "Coach" Dennis Allen, but it has worn through. The guy just simply looks lost and confused, unable to comprehend how to win or what is even going on. It is time to remove the tumor. It is time to be rid of "Coach" Dennis Allen.

That may sound harsh to some after just the 2nd game of the season, but in all honesty this season is not going to get better any time soon. They will be heading to New England next to take on an older but still very good team, one much better than either of the two teams the Raiders previously faced that they were already decimated by.

After that they cross the pond to take on the Miami Dolphins. They lost this past week so they aren't as dangerous as they originally looked after their upset of the previously mentioned Patriots, but they have had the Raiders number over and over again as of late. It is hard to picture Dead Man Walking, oops I mean Dennis Allen, being able to get the team focused and ready to play with jet lag added into the mix.

Maybe I am being too harsh, but a game like yesterday does nothing to bring positivity out of me. That game was simply embarrassing, a shame, a damn waste of time even to those that prefer to lounge about doing nothing. What went right in that game? For the true cynic the only answer to that is it proved that the removal of Dennis Allen as head coach is simply inevitable.

Derek Carr's performance wasn't terrible, it was more about his supporting cast for much of it. In fact, despite the loss, I came away more impressed with the rookie who will be taking lumps all season long. He had his bad moments too, trying to throw while being absolutely crushed by JJ Watt being one of them, but those are expected from a rookie QB on a bad team.

Seriously though, nobody is going to win when giving up 4 turnovers in a game. It is rare anyway and it certainly wasn't going to happen with this Raiders team. It wasn't just that they kept turning the ball over though, it was the timing of them. Every single time the Raiders started moving the ball when the game was within reach they turned it over.

It really was every time they looked to be ready to score when they still could have a chance in the game, they turned the ball over. The two fumbles specifically were gut wrenching, one by James Jones on one of the more bizarre plays we will witness this year and one by Mychal Rivera on the opening drive of the second half. Convert either of those drives into points and the whole game could have been different.

The fumble, recovery, fumble again by James Jones was one of those moments where you wonder what the Raiders did to piss off the fates so severely. To go from happy, to bummed, to ecstatic, to utterly demoralized was a snippet of this entire year so far all laid out in one single play. Happy to have a good draft, bummed to have an injury plagued off-season, ecstatic to have the season start, utterly demoralized to witness what the product we will be watching this season actually is.

Don't even get me started on the defense though, my goodness! First and second downs were pretty good, but it was like it was a cruel joke by the Texans being played over and over again watching them convert almost every third down play they tried. It was like they thought they needed more of a challenge so they waited to try until they were on their last chance each cycle of downs.

The run defense was barely there too, at least at the line of scrimmage anyway. Arian Foster looked like he felt years younger gashing through the Raiders defense like a hot knife through butter. He managed to cut back at will and gain yards regularly, and he had a knack for doing so on 3rd downs too of course.

The defense did not get a single sack or turnover in this game. The two leading tacklers were the Safeties showing that they weren't stopping people until they got past the first line of defenders. There was not a single moment from the defense that created an ohhh and ahhh moment. The best play came at the end of the game on special teams with a field goal block by Justin Tuck, after the game was already a complete embarrassment.

Mark Davis said these type of losses needed to not happen. This is the type of loss that leaves everybody demoralized, from the players to the coaches to the fans. Beyond demoralized even, this is the type of loss that makes you think there is no up anymore for this squad. And it is only Week 2.

We will see what happens these next two weeks and possibly the rest of the season with the coaching staff. It is hard to imagine they stay with Dennis Allen for much longer. I am not trying to be overtly negative, it is simply the reality of the current state of the Raiders to me. I see a coaching change on the horizon, and if not I see a lot more terrible, terrible losses. Have a good day though!