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Raiders 2015 Hall of Fame snubs

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Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

Every year this happens. There are players deserving former Raiders who don't make the list of nominees for the Hall of Fame. This year, despite 11 nominees, there are still quite a few Raider greats who are not among them. Here are a few:

Cliff Branch, Todd Christensen, Dave Dalby, Lester Hayes, Jim Plunkett, Kenny Stabler, and Jack Tatum

Cliff Branch at one time had the most career post season receptions. He was part of all three Raiders Super Bowl teams. His fellow receiver, Fred Biletnikoff is in the Hall of Fame. Yet Branch is not even getting nominations anymore.

Todd Christensen went for five Pro Bowls, was a two-time All Pro. The only tight end to ever lead the Raiders in receiving four-straight seasons. One of those seasons was the 1983 Super Bowl winning season in which he had 1247 yards. He was part of both Raiders Super Bowl wins in the 80s.

Dave Dalby was the Raiders starting center for all three of their Super Bowl wins. Need I say more?

Lester Hayes was one of the greatest cornerbacks of all time. He and Hall of Famer Michael Haynes made up a lethal tandem in the Raiders' secondary. A five-time Pro Bowler and one-time All Pro, he spent his entire career with the Raiders and was on both Super Bowls in the early 80s. He gets a bad rep for his generous use of Stick-em during games.

Jim Plunkett was the starting quarterback for both Raiders Super Bowls in the 80s. His career numbers aren't fantastic but he won when it counted. He is the only eligible two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback not to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. And this time around they didn't bother nominating him.

Kenny "The Snake" Stabler was the master of the two-minute drill. He was the maverick quarterback of the renegade Raiders of the 70s and led them to several epic match-ups with their rival Steelers, including breaking through to win the Super Bowl following the 1976 season.

Jack Tatum was one of the most feared defenders to ever roam the defensive secondary of any team. He embodied the knock-around style of the Raiders teams of the 70's. Hall of Fame safeties such as Ronnie Lott and Rod Woodson have said they emulated Tatum in their style of play. And yet the man who set the standard is not even a nominee.

At least Ray Guy got in this year so we don't have to keep putting him on this list every year.

So, which of these guys do you think is the biggest snub?