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Despite hip injury, Rod Streater says he's "good to go" to face Patriots

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Brian Bahr

All told the Raiders had five starters missing from practice today. Two of those players were lost to injury last Sunday against the Texans -- Sio Moore to an ankle injury and Rod Streater to a hip flexor.

The playing status of either player is still yet to be determined, but Streater today said he was confident he will be able to play Sunday when the Raiders face the Patrtiots.

"Yeah, by Friday I'll be good," said Streater. "Just rest a little, but I'm good to go."

Streater is the team's number one receiver and will be very much needed when the Raiders head to Gillette Stadium in Foxboro Mass. to face the Patriots. The second-year starter had five catches for 46 yards and a touchdown in the season opener in New York. Those contributions will be needed if the Raiders are to try and keep up with the high-powered Patriots offense.