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NFL week three picks: Chiefs go down in Miami?

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Peter Aiken

Hard to believe it's already week three. After having a fairly decent first week of predictions, the second week didn't go quite as well. There were 10 consensus picks for week two and the staff was 4-6 in those games. Pretty fair to say we all bought too much into what occurred in the first week.

There were only two winning records last week and they go to Jeff and Tyler, who jump into the early lead in the season predictions. They also both got the Raiders pick correct. A couple of the guys had the first below .500 week - Rdreamer and Asher who came in at 7-9. RDreamer had the Raiders winning and was the only one to pick the Jaguars to win. Asher was the only one to miss on the Bengals beating the Falcons.

Much less certainty this week, with just six* consensus picks - Cowboys, Saints, Bengals, Patriots*, Dolphins, and Bears. This should make things a bit more interesting.

The lone wolves are Asher picking the Bucs in Atlanta, RDreamer taking Washington in Philly, and Tyler taking the Broncos in Seattle and the Steelers in Carolina. Cuz sometimes you just gotta put your balls out there (so to speak).

Week 3 Jeff Tyler Marcus RDreamer Levi Asher
Week 2 total 9-7 9-7 8-8 7-9 8-8 7-9
Overall record 19-13 18-14 18-14 17-15 16-16 16-16
Tampa Bay at Atlanta ATL ATL ATL ATL ATL TB
San Diego at Buffalo SD SD BUF BUF SD SD
Dallas at St. Louis DAL DAL DAL DAL DAL DAL
Washington at Philadelphia PHI PHI PHI WAS PHI PHI
Houston at NY Giants HOU NYG HOU HOU HOU NYG
Minnesota at New Orleans NO NO NO NO NO NO
Tennessee at Cincinnati CIN CIN CIN CIN CIN CIN
Baltimore at Cleveland CLE BAL CLE BAL CLE CLE
Green Bay at Detroit GB GB GB GB DET DET
Indianapolis at Jacksonville IND IND IND IND IND IND
Oakland at New England NE NE NE *?? NE NE
San Francisco at Arizona SF SF SF ARI ARI SF
Denver at Seattle SEA DEN SEA SEA SEA SEA
Kansas City at Miami MIA MIA MIA MIA MIA MIA
Pittsburgh at Carolina CAR PIT CAR CAR CAR CAR

*RDreamer's pick for the Raiders vs Patriots game will be revealed in his Friday Foretelling article.