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Rod Streater keeps his word, returns to practice for Raiders

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Levi Damien

Well, Rod Streater wasn't lying earlier this week when he said he'd be back on Friday.

"Yeah, by Friday I'll be good," Streater said on Wednesday. "Just rest a little, but I'm good to go."

He didn't practice on Wednesday and Thursday, but here we are on Friday, and here he is. The Raiders tweeted out this picture of him going up for a catch, showing no ill effects of the hip flexor injury that knocked him out of last Sunday's game against the Texans.

With he correct prediction of his return to Friday's practice, there's no reason not to believe he'll be "good to go" for Sunday's game in New England.

That leaves Sio Moore as the only Raiders starter not practicing. That doesn't mean all the others will play, such as Maurice Jones-Drew and Nick Roach -- we'll have to wait for the official injury report for that -- but practicing is always a good thing.