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Mark Davis denies deal has been reached on new stadium in Oakland

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The efforts to get a new stadium done in Oakland are still on going, but sometimes it just feels like a soap opera. Ups and downs, twists and turns, even a possibly tryst with San Antonio. The last we heard about it was that a deal was agreed on in principle and that they were going to try to move to the next step.

Unfortunately, now Mark Davis is saying something different to Tim Kawakami of the Mercury News.

It shouldn't surprise anybody that a deal isn't actually reached yet. It's exactly what would happen if this really was all just a soap opera. It has to keep you on your toes, always teasing but never really giving the big payoff. It isn't a soap opera unfortunately, its just the day to day of the Raiders trying to get a new stadium.

It is disappointing that there is still no real information about what the Raiders are going to end up doing after the 2014 season is over. The time is running out on keeping the Raiders in town with the lease to the Coliseum expiring after this season. The less we hear about what the Raiders will do the more nerve racking it becomes regarding their chances of staying in Oakland.

It seems like this team is going to be in purgatory until the stadium issue is solved. It is a huge anvil hanging over everybody's head, they don't even know where they will be playing next season. Well many of the people involved with this team are probably wondering where they will be next season for entirely different reasons too actually, like performance.

While the City of Oakland and Mark Davis' team try and hash out their differences, the Raiders team will be on quite the road trip. First they head to Foxboro to take on the New England Patriots, then they head to London for their overseas match-up against the Miami Dolphins.

Thankfully after all those miles are traveled for just 2 games, they will have a much needed early bye week. That means it will be three weeks before the Raiders play in front of their home crowd again. Maybe there will finally be some concrete informaton about the Raiders stadium efforts after then, but consider that highly unlikely.

At least the fanbase is still coming out and showing their Pride & Poise. The field might have a baseball diamond on it, but at least the Black Hole will still be loud and proud every time they get to watch their team. They don't have the best stadium, but they do have the best end zone in the NFL!

If the Raiders are going to leave for somewhere else they won't announce it until after the season but just in case everybody should make sure to enjoy every moment they can this year. Hopefully it won't be their last in town, especially considering the product on the field, but if it is then make sure to enjoy as much of it as you can.