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Bojay Filimoeatu activated, Shelby Harris signed to practice squad

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Tony Gonzales

The Oakland Raiders are running thin at linebacker right now with starting OLB Sio Moore already OUT for Sunday's match-up against the New England Patriots and starting MLB questionable still with a concussion that has kept him out all season so far. With that in mind, the Raiders have called up Bojay Filimoeatu once again to the active roster for Sunday's game.

Bojay's NFL debut came last week in the humiliating defeat against the Houston Texans, though he did not accumulate any stats in the game. He is an undrafted free agent out of Utah State that the Raiders signed back in May. He was cut at the end of the preseason but signed to the practice squad, and due to injuries this will now be the second game he will be active for. He takes the roster spot of Shelby Harris who was released earlier this week.

Speaking of Shelby Harris, he went unclaimed after being released. He now has signed with the Raiders practice squad. Ironic for a man who had questionable practice effort to be relegated to the practice squad now, but at least he is still a Raider.

Shelby had looked pretty good throughout preseason so his release was not that popular with the fans. However, him going unclaimed shows that he might not have impressed that many in the NFL after all. Hopefully he puts his head down and keeps grinding, he seems like he could have a future in this league but he will need to be able to take advantage of his chances this time around.