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Tom Brady posts picture of Tuck Rule game as favorite moment against Raiders

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Did you really think the Tuck Rule game would not come up at some point or another this week before the Raiders play the New England Patriots this Sunday? It took until Saturday for the terrible moment in Raiders history to be brought up, but alas here we are. Thanks to Tom Brady 's Facebook page no less.

Talk about turning the knife just a little bit! I have to give him credit though, this is actually pretty funny. He gets called all sorts of names from Raiders fans (more of which will certainly be in the comments section below) so I can't say that I blame him for poking fun at those same fans expense.

Also, it really has to be one of his favorite memories as a football player because it was the game that catapulted the Patriots into a dynasty. It was the first of many huge moments in his career, I have zero doubt that it legitimately is his favorite memory of playing the Raiders. Not necessarily that call, but that win for sure.

It is not one of my favorite memories of the Raiders obviously, its probably the absolute worst memory I have of them in fact. As the rest of us already know as fans of this team, that being the worst memory of the team is quite a statement.