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Oakland Raiders at New England Patriots 2nd half thread

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Jim Rogash

Signs of life! That was about as dominating of a 3-0 first quarter as you will ever see. The Raiders offense was moving the ball efficiently, until they got near the end zone anyway, and the defense was swarming. The score might not show how dominating of a quarter that was, but the time of possession definitely does. They held the ball 10:02 to 4:58 for the Patriots in the opening quarter.

Unfortunately, that type of performance doesn't mean much without the points to go with it. The 2nd quarter began with the Raiders team we have seen more of this season, the one that can't stop 3rd downs. The Patriots put together a 15 play, 84 yard drive that took up almost 7 minutes of the 2nd quarter. The difference between the two teams was that the Patriots finished their drive with a TD to gain a 7-3 lead and eliminate that first quarter momentum that the Raiders had built.

The Raiders responded to the Patriots long drive with a 3 and out. It didn't have to be though if Denarius Moore had been more aggressive. He caught a pass on 2nd down and went out of bounds short of the first when there was room to fight for the 1st down still.

To make matters worse, Marquette King's punt took a horrible bounce backwards allowing the Patriots to start their drive at midfield with just under 3 minutes left in the half. The Patriots proceeded to drive to the Raiders redzone, as should have been expected. Luckily for the Raiders there was a bad snap that kept the Patriots from having one last shot at the end zone and had to settle for a field goal to make the score 10-3 at the half.