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Raiders skeptical of holding penalty on Darren McFadden touchdown run

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Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

After a hard fought close game in Foxboro, the way it ultimately ended has gotten a great deal of attention. And rightfully it should. The Raiders were at the 12-yard line and Derek Carr threw a pass right to Denarius Moore who turned his head too soon and had the ball bounce off his chest and intercepted.

But the Raiders are much more upset about how they got into that position in the first place. They looked to have scored to tie the game on a Darren McFadden touchdown run but the officials called left guard Gabe Jackson for a holding penalty blocking safety, Patrick Chung on the play. It backed the Raiders up to the 12 and on the next play, the drop, tip, interception ended it.

That's the play that had Dennis Allen steaming following the game

"Tough loss. Tough pill to swallow," said Allen. "I thought out guys fought their tails off. We gave ourselves an opportunity to win. I thought we tied the football game or at least got to within an extra point of tying the football game there at the end of the game. Disappointed about that. Still we gotta be able to... you know, at the moment of truth there's some times we gotta make some plays and we didn't do that enough today and came up on the short end of the stick."

When asked directly if he thought it was a hold, he said "I did not. "I saw it up on the big screen. My opinion is it was not a hold."

Here is a GIF of the play so you can judge for yourself:

Does that look like a hold to you? Why or why not?