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Charles Woodson on potential coaching change: "Anytime you lose, a lot of people's jobs are gonna be in question"

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Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

With every loss the Raiders suffer the speculation grows of a coaching change in Oakland. After the opening loss to the Jets, the home game against the Texans was seen as a must-win and the Raiders did a complete faceplant, losing in a route, 30-14.

Finding a miraculous win in the first four games prior to the bye week was instantly looking essential to Dennis Allen's job security and was not looking very likely after those first two.

Few Raiders players were more frustrated after that loss to the Texans than Charles Woodson. And unlike most players, the future Hall of Famer speaks his mind without kid gloves. The 16-year veteran also understand full well how the NFL works with regard to job security.

"Anytime you lose, a lot of people's jobs are gonna be in question," Woodson said of the possibility Dennis Allen could be fired soon. "A lot of players too. But like any team, guys are prideful, guys don't want to have someone lose a job on their watch. And I think every man in here would love to keep their own job and love for their coaches to keep their jobs too. So, we're gonna continue to fight for our staff and hopefully next week we can come up with a win."

Even with the Raiders giving the Patriots all they could handle in Foxboro Sunday they still came out 0-3 and are still facing the possibility of going winless heading into the bye week. They head to London to face a good Dolphins team who came into this weekend at 1-1 with a win over the Patriots in the season opener.

At this point, it may take more than just a win over the Dolphins for Dennis Allen to keep his job. They had a moral victory of sorts this week but it was still a loss. And at this point only wins will do.