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Monday Night Football open thread: Chicago Bears at New York Jets

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Christian Petersen

It's Monday Night Football people! Bring out the big lights and the terrible music! It is the Chicago Bears at the New York Jets tonight, not the Raiders obviously. It could be a good game actually, and we all love football or we wouldn't have found Silver & Black Pride.

We already saw the Jets in Week one when they beat the Raiders 19-14. Geno Smith didn't look bad and the defense was positively stifling. What you may not know is that the one time Geno played on Monday Night was a comeback victory which was one of his best games as a pro. He will look to duplicate that performance tonight.

As for the Bears, they are 1-1 with a pretty convincing victory against San Francisco and a loss to the Bills. They have Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey who are arguably the best duo in the NFL, even while slightly battered. It is always interesting watching them and whether Josh Cutler will be the good one or not.

Chat here while watching the game with your fellow Raiders fans.