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Oakland Raiders need a receiver to step up and replace Rod Streater

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Jim Rogash

The Oakland Raiders lost a big piece of their wide receiver corp when they lost Rod Streater to a foot injury last week against the New England Patriots. The leading receiver from last year is down for an unknown amount of time with a broken bone in his foot. The Raiders will now need somebody to step up and take his place.

James Jones was already locked in as a starter, but Streater's absence will likely still mean even more action for the former Green Bay Packer. He has already been making quite the impact for the Raiders, though his play that stands out the most is the rolling fumble that Levi Damien dubbed "The Unholy Roller". Despite his big impact already, he could do even better still.

The Raiders can't just rely on one wide receiver though, they need their other receivers to step up their game too. Denarius Moore, Andre Holmes, and Brice Butler all are being given the chance to step up right now and prove themselves, will any of them take advantage of their opportunity?

I am looking at you Andre Holmes, it is time to play like you did last year again. He has shown signs of life with a killer grab last week against the Patriots and also he has forced several penalties against the defenders. He needs to get back to the player that was utilizing his size so well last year, and he is being given a golden opportunity to regain his good graces with the coaching staff.

There is another player that is a wild card that will be in the mix to replace Rod Streater as well, that would be newly acquired former San Diego Charger Vincent Brown. The Chargers moved on from him because of injuries, but if healthy he has shown to be a solid player.

Brown told ESPN's Bill Williamson that he knew he wanted to go to the Raiders as soon as the shock wore off of being cut. Raider Nation was already in his blood thanks to his father being a big Raiders fan, and it gave him the chance to stay in California as well. He certainly played very well whenever he was on the field against the Raiders so maybe that magic will still be there when he puts on the uniform.

Unfortunately, we might have to wait to see what Vincent Brown will bring to the table for a bit longer. It would make sense to wait one more game for him to be deployed because of the Raiders bye week coming up after they play the Dolphins in London on Sunday. That would give him 3 weeks to have studied the playbook and would give him the best chance to succeed in his Raiders debut.

It doesn't matter which player it is that steps up for the Raiders in Streater's absence, but it is absolutely imperative that one of them does. Oakland needs to have players make plays to help their rookie quarterback. Derek Carr has completed passes to at least 9 different receivers in 2 out of 3 games this season. Now he just needs those receivers to start making some impact plays for him after they catch the ball.

Opportunity is knocking, who wants to open the door?