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Raiders week 3 Ballers & Busters: Part two

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Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

It may have been a hard fought game in Foxboro but the Raiders still couldn't pull out the win. So, despite the feeling of encouragement, they still left without a win. And that falls on someone. These guys primarily.


Denarius Moore

He eared Top Buster on the final play of the game for the Raiders. With the team at the 12-yard line, looking to tie it up with a touchdown, Derek Carr threw a pass right to his face. Moore turned his head too fast and had the ball bounce off his hands, hit a defender, and pop in the air where it was intercepted to end the threat and the game for the Raiders. He had another drop in the game as well. Brutal.

Gabe Jackson

He gave up a tip at the line to end the Raiders second drive which meant they had to settle for a field goal. He gave up a run stuff on the next drive which ended with a punt two plays later. In the third quarter he missed his block to give up a run stuff. The he started the fourth quarter with a run stuff as well. It all led up to his final act when he was called for holding to nullify a 6-yard touchdown run by Darren McFadden that would have at least tied the game with seconds remaining. The Raiders don't think it was a hold but visual evidence shows it was not a phantom call. Patrick Chung tried to spin around him and he reach his right arm around Chung and held onto his pads and went to the ground with Chung in his grasp. The worst part is McFadden was already by him so the hold was completely unnecessary. What was momentarily thought to be the equalizing touchdown, turned into a six-yard loss and game over on the next play (as detailed above).

Tarell Brown

The biggest play on the Patriots' touchdown scoring drive came by way of a pass interference penalty on Brown. It set them up at the 14-yard line and they scored a few plays later. He also gave up a 4-yard catch on that drive. On the next Patriots' scoring drive he gave up catches of 20 and 16 yards to help them add another field goal. All told he gave up 77 yards to the Patriots along with 5 catches and 4 first downs.

Austin Howard

The guards in this game were just not getting it done. Howard personally gave up three run stuffs in this game. One of them was a tackle for no gain on a third and one which forced a three and out. The Raiders ran to right guard seven times in this game for an average of 1.7 yards per carry.

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