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Linebacker trouble for Raiders: Nick Roach still not ready, Miles Burris, Sio Moore not practicing

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Levi Damien

We are heading into the fourth week of the season and Raiders middle linebacker Nick Roach is still not ready to practice which means he has not passed through the concussion protocol. He has been practicing on a limited basis the past couple week and missed the first three weeks of the season. Now in his first practice this week in London, he was officially limited yet again.

"He was limited again today," said Allen. "His status really hasn't changed a lot. He's still going through the protocol."

His status being unchanged is a bit worrisome. Especially considering it is over a month since he suffered the concussion initially. Though Roach insists he isn't concerned about the injury and claims to feel better each week and despite his long absence.

Taking his place these past three weeks was Miles Burris... who is now seen on the sideline in a walking boot and his status is uncertain for Sunday's game at Wembley against the Dolphins.

Nick Roach added that he feels no extra pressure to return with Burris going down.

"The league is about the next guys stepping up," said Roach. "The majority of the playing time I got my first year in the league is when another guy went out. That's why they have other guys on the team, so when things like that happen, there's guys to step in."

With Sio Moore also not practicing with an ankle injury, the Raiders are in big trouble at linebacker. They activated Bojay Filimoeatu from the practice squad prior to last week's game against the Patriots and now he is in line to start unless the status of one of the previous starters changes.

The linebackers would consist Khalil Mack, Kaluka Maiava, and Filimoeatu. And that's it. All three would start and the Raiders would just have to hope they don't get injured. If they do, they would have to take some drastic measures.

Other players on the team with linebacking experience are defensive ends Lamarr Woodley and Benson Mayowa (college).