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NFL week 4 game picks: Tough call in London

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The game picks were made prior to Thursday night's but somehow in my running around I missed posting the picks. Better late than never.

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Can you believe it, we're heading into the quarter pole of the 2014 NFL season. But before we move on to the predictions for this week, let's recap last week.

Much better records all around this week. The winners for the week were Tyler Green and myself who came in with a 12-4 record. The worst record belongs to Marcus who finished 9-7.

The staff as a whole only missed on one consensus pick out of seven. We all had Miami taking care of business against the Chiefs at home, but they tanked against the ketchup and mustard gang.

Only five consensus picks this week. We all have the Colts, Steelers, Chargers, Falcons, and Saints winning their match-ups. Those going out on a limb this week are myself picking the Giants (I swear on everything holy, these picks have not been altered from what they were prior to the Thursday night game) and Chiefs, Asher picking the Packers (a better pick than when he picked the Bucs last week, surely), and Jeff picking the Jets.

We are split on who we think will win between the Raiders and Dolphins at Wimbley Sunday. That sounds about right. It's a tough game to call.

Week 4 Tyler Jeff Levi Asher RDreamer Marcus
Week 3 total 12-4 10-6 12-4 11-5 10-6 9-7
Overall record 30-18 29-19 28-20 27-21 27-21 27-21
NY Giants at Washington WAS WAS NYG WAS WAS WAS
Green Bay at Chicago CHI CHI CHI GB CHI CHI
Buffalo at Houston HOU HOU HOU BUF HOU BUF
Tennessee at Indianapolis IND IND IND IND IND IND
Carolina at Baltimore BAL CAR BAL CAR BAL CAR
Tampa Bay at Pittsburgh PIT PIT PIT PIT PIT PIT
Miami at Oakland OAK MIA MIA OAK MIA OAK
Jacksonville at San Diego SD SD SD SD SD SD
Atlanta at Minnesota ATL ATL ATL ATL ATL ATL
Philadelphia at San Francisco SF SF SF PHI SF PHI
New Orleans at Dallas NO NO NO NO NO NO
New England at Kansas City NE NE KC NE NE NE