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Know the Enemy Daily Links 9/26: NFL addresses logistical problems about London Franchise

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

AFC West


Are the Broncos running backs really the problem? - Mile High Report

The Denver rushing attack has been mediocre at best and embarrassing at the worst. But are the running backs really to blame? Lets discuss this below.

A look at how Broncos players are performing in fantasy this season, compared to their average draft positions.

The Chargers second touchdown of the game was set-up in large part by a nice play-action pass to TE Ladarius Green, which perfectly exploited personnel mismatches between the Bills defense and Chargers offense.

First in a series of stories, in which The MMQB goes to school with an NFL player or coach and finds out he studies tape, what he looks at and how such study helps him navigate a complicated game.

Nick Jacobs examines what the Chiefs o-line has to fix for Monday Night Football.

The Chiefs initial injury report heading into Monday Night Football against the Patriots.


As the NFL gets ready to stage one of three 2014 regular-season games in London, the man in charge of the league's efforts to grow the game in other countries addressed the challenges of moving a team to London permanently. Mark Waller, the new executive V.P.

Julius Peppers came close to taking Aaron Rodgers down for a division-clinching sack in the 2013 regular-season finale. Instead, Rodgers indirectly ended Peppers' career in Chicago.