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Derek Carr suffers high ankle sprain, MCL sprain

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Richard Heathcote

Good news is the X-rays on Derek Carr's lower leg were negative. That mean no breaks or tears. But he didn't come out unscathed. As he suffered what he said was a high ankle sprain and a sprained MCL that knocked him out of Sunday's game at Wembley Stadium in the third quarter.

Initially Carr tried to stay in the game but the pain became too much to bear and he had to come out. It happened when he was tackled following an 8-yard scramble. He played the next snap - an hand-off to Darren McFadden - and then gave in and headed for the sideline not to return.

"No matter what, I'm not gonna come off the field if I can help it," said Carr. "It got to a point where I barely could stand on it. I guess the adrenaline wore off a little bit but I tried to stay in but how much on fire it was kinda pulled me off."

Carr answered questions following the game standing on his own, free of any sort of walking boot or supports which is also a good sign. He and the Raiders are facing the bye week for him to heal and he thinks he'll be fine.

"To me I'm gonna be ready, but right now it's just sprains. Both of them are sprains so I'll do my best to get back out there as fast as I can."

Depending on the position, high ankle sprains can often keep a player out for as much as a month. And adding the sprained MCL could further complicate things as far as his return time.

Though Carr was replaced by Matt McGloin, it's because Matt Schaub was handling family issues this week. Schaub would be expected to take over the starting job should Carr not be ready to go when the Raiders play their next game on October 12 against the Chargers in Oakland.