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Know the Enemy Daily Links 9/29: Chiefs head to New England for Monday Night Football

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Jim Rogash

AFC West


Broncos defense has one goal for the rest of 2014 - Mile High Report

This is the stat to end all stats.

The biggest challenge in the Broncos' 2014 regular season has been a schedule shift in location. Instead of playing all those patsy defenses from last year's NFC East, the Broncos are taking on all those defensive powerhouses in the NFC West.

A look back at how Tom Telesco made a handful of shrewd moves that have greatly impacted the San Diego Chargers defense this year.

While missing seemingly half of their roster to injury, the San Diego Chargers were still able to score the final 23 points of the game for a big victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

No matter how things play out at Arrowhead, the Patriots will be the only team talked about after their game against the Chiefs on Monday Night Football.

What the Kansas City Chiefs pass rush needs to do to beat Tom Brady and the Patriots offense.


Watch out, Eric Dickerson.

USA TODAY Sports' Tom Pelissero goes around the NFL for ten key snap reactions from the fourth Sunday of the season.