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Monday Night Football open thread: Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots

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What on earth does this mascot have to do with the Chiefs anyway?
What on earth does this mascot have to do with the Chiefs anyway?
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Despite what our Oakland Raiders put us through on a weekly (actually, yearly) basis, we still are all fanatics for the game of football. Since we all still love football, there is a game that many of us will be watching tonight. It is Monday Night Football and the Raiders divisional rival Kansas Chiefs will be taking on another disliked team in Raider Nation, the New England Patriots.

The Patriots won last week against the Raiders 16-9. It was anything but impressive fashion. Given what we have seen from the Raiders so far this year, the game being as close as it was is more of an indictment on the Patriots this year than a testament to the Raiders. Still, they have Tom Brady and Bill Belichek so it is hard to think of them as a "bad" team.

As for the Chiefs, they started out slow this year but had a huge win last week against the Miami Dolphins last week 34-15. The Dolphins just dismantled the Raiders this past Sunday in London so the victory by the Chiefs last week shows how much better they are than the current state of Oakland. Jamaal Charles had missed last week's game with an ankle sprain but he will be ready to go this week in Foxboro.

Hopefully it will be a decent game. It is pretty hard to actually root for either of these teams but since one is a divisional rival I will have to go with the other one. That means as disgusting as it is to say, Go Patriots! One of the only things that would help this week's terrible Raiders loss would be to see the Chiefs go through something similarly awful. Yes, that is bitter but oh well!