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Raiders head to New York early to try to thwart Eastern hex

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Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

West Coast teams traveling to the Eastern time zone have not fared well over the years. The Raiders especially have not played well when traveling east. Something about the time change seems to get them all out of whack.

In fact, it's been five years since the Raiders won in the Eastern time zone. The last time they pulled out a win was 2009 when Pittsburgh native Bruce Gradkowski led the team to a 27-24 victory of the Steelers. Since then they have compiled a streak of 14-straight losses.

To try and change all that, the Raiders are heading to New York for their season opening match-up with the Jets a couple days early. They will leave Thursday morning, hold a practice on Friday in New York and a walk-thru Saturday in preparation for the game Sunday.

"It was just something that we looked at during the offseason and I wanted to do something different to give us an opportunity to maybe get our bodies right for the East Coast time," Allen said Tuesday. "I also think going there as a group and having the opportunity to kind of bond there in the hotel, I thought was a good idea. We did something similar to that when I was with New Orleans when we were displaced with a hurricane and we went up to Indianapolis for a week, practicing in Indianapolis, and then came back to New Orleans to play an opening game."

"The definition of insanity is keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result. To me, it's something different. It's trying something new. We're trying to find every small little advantage that we can that will give us an opportunity to play well. We'll see how it goes."

The last game in the losing streak came at the hands of this same Jets team in the meadowlands late last season. The streak is downright absurd so something had to be done to try and remove the time zone issue from the equation.

This being the season opener, it allows for them to try this unusual strategy. In a normal game week, they would have their typical routine which wouldn't allow for an early arrival. But their practice started on Monday this week, giving them an extra day to prepare.