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Raiders 2014 record prediction game by game

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Ezra Shaw

With the 2014 season upon us, it's time to put out my Raiders 2014 season prediction. Let's go through this one game by game.

1             Sep. 7    at New York Jets 10:00 am

Result: Win

Right off the top, we are presented with the hardest game to call of the season. There are so many reasons to go either way in this one. What it came down to was the catastrophe that is the Jets defensive secondary.

Rookie quarterbacks are a combined 1-7 against Rex Ryan coached defenses. But Matt McGloin torched the Jets defense last season only to have his defense smother the flames. I expect a similar performance from Derek Carr as with McGloin and a fresh, rejuvenated Raiders defense to keep Geno Smith in check.

2             Sep. 14  HOUSTON TEXANS           1:25pm

Result: Loss

The pass rush of Jadeveon Clowney and JJ Watt give Carr his welcome to the NFL moment. While the gritty vet Ryan Fitzpatrick does the same thing he did to the Raiders last season and churns out a win.

3             Sep. 21  at New England Patriots 10:00am

Result: Loss

Foxboro. Patriots. Not gonna happen.

4             Sep. 28  MIAMI DOLPHINS (London)          10:00am

Result: Win

I see the better running teams taking this game in often damp Wembley Stadium. The Raiders are built to be a better running team than the Dolphins so I give them the edge here. But only slightly.

5             Oct. 5    Bye week

Result: 2-2 heading into the break. I'm sure many of you will disagree with my assessment of the first four but however you slice it, going into the bye week with two wins is how I see it. Can they beat the Texans? Sure. They did it last year. But they could also follow their usual East Coast hex and lose to the Jets in the opener. That game in London has a lot of uncertainty surrounding it as well.

6             Oct. 12  SAN DIEGO CHARGERS    1:05pm

Result: Loss

Philip Rivers loves playing in Oakland. He gets up for this game. And the Chargers are a much better team, so there's that.

7             Oct. 19  ARIZONA CARDINALS      1:25pm

Result: Loss

Great defense with an improved offense as well. Carson Palmer wins in his return to Oakland.

8             Oct. 26  at Cleveland Browns 1:25pm

Result: Win

On one hand, it's in the Eastern Time Zone. On the other hand, who will be catching the ball with Josh Gordon suspended for the season?

9             Nov. 2   at Seattle Seahawks 1:25pm

Result: Loss

Reigning champs. In Seattle. Uh, no.

10           Nov. 9   DENVER BRONCOS          1:05pm

Result: Loss

Tough back to back going from one Super Bowl team to the other. This one will be a face plant as well.

11           Nov. 16 at San Diego Chargers     1:05pm

Result: Win

The Raiders love playing in San Diego. It's their home away from home. They steal one from the Chargers again this year.

12           Nov. 20 (TNF)     KANSAS CITY CHIEFS        5:25pm

Result: Loss

The Chiefs are still pretty good. And the Raiders' primetime record has not been great of late. Since 2005 they have a record of 3-14 in primetime. One of those losses was to the Chiefs at home (2005 SNF).

13           Nov. 30 at St Louis Rams 10:00am

Result: Loss

Don't think just because the Rams lost Sam Bradford, that's a win for the Raiders. They still have a stout defense in St Louis. Not to mention Bradford was among one of the worst starting QB's in the NFL last season and yet they still managed a 7-9 record.

14           Dec. 7    SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS   1:25pm

Result: Loss

Even with the turmoil on defense for the 49ers, they're still one of the better teams in the NFL.

15           Dec. 14 at Kansas City Chiefs        10:00am

Result: Loss

Is there a chance the Raiders can manage to pull a win away from the Chiefs this season? Sure. They say you can throw the records out the window when these two teams play. But I wouldn't count on it.

16           Dec. 21 BUFFALO BILLS  1:25pm

Result: Win

While I think EJ Manuel will begin putting things together by this point, I see these two teams in similar places in the rebuild process. I give the edge to the home team.

17           Dec. 28 at Denver Broncos 1:25pm

Result: Loss

The only chance the Raiders have of winning this one is if the Broncos decide to sit Peyton Manning if they have secured home field throughout the playoffs. Though I am not going to count on that happening.

Final record prediction: 5-11