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Know the Enemy Daily Links 9/4: "Real" football is back!

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AFC West


Players amped up to start 'real' football - Mile High Report

The NFL season starts tonight, and the Broncos couldn't be more excited for their turn to play a real game when they host the Indianapolis Colts Sunday night.

A look back at the best and worst games played against Indianapolis

The San Diego Chargers snuck into the playoffs last season and was able to win their wild card matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals. The team has gained confidence from that experience and will be looking for a little more this season.

And then, the fateful question: Which Chargers team will show up in 2014?

The Chiefs have a lot of young players, and they'll be counting on them.

I'm (MNChiefsFan) going to Kansas City. Here's who I'll be watching in the Kansas City Chiefs and Tennessee Titans game.


Winners, rookies, breakouts and more as PFF analysts look at the AFC West.


In a fitting return to the field, Seattle opens its title defense -- after a 43-8 defensive clinic and general TKO'ing of the top-ranked Broncos offense in Super Bowl XLVIII -- against the Packers, a team with a legitimate shot to replace Peyton Manning's crew as the No. 1 offense this year.

Agent Peter Schaffer says the 10-game suspension given Josh Brent is unfair, since the player has already voluntarily skipped a year.