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Raiders vs Jets first half wrap

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Jeff Zelevansky

The Jets came out fast with a big return to give them great field position at the 40-yard line. In one play, the Jets were in Raiders territory on a 17-yard pass play from Geno Smth to David Nelson. Then the Jets began marching down the field and looked unstoppable. They were until they stopped themselves with a holding penalty. The Raiders stiffened up on defense and forced a field goal.

The Raiders came out, led by Derek Carr and went three and out.

Then just two plays into the next drive, Charles Woodson laid out to intercept a Geno Smith pass to give the Raiders the ball in scoring position at the 28-yard line.

Derek Carr converted two third down conversions on the drive, the second was a touchdown pass to Rod Streater and a 7-3 Raiders lead. It was Carr's first NFL touchdown pass.

The Jets were driving again an in third and 13 from outside the 50-yard line and Geno Smith scramble for the first down. One play later, the Jets were inside the 5-yard line. Then Geno Smith tried to run it to the right and Sio Moore hit him to knock the ball out and T.J. Carrie recovered to give the Raiders the ball and keep the Jets from scoring.

A couple of three and outs for each team and the Jets were once again driving. The Raiders have not been able to get to Geno Smith on the pass rush. He either has plenty of time or escapes pressure to scramble for first downs. He did this on this drive and led them for a touchdown to go up 10-7 at halftime.

The good news is Derek Carr started the game 7 for 7 and has looked very good. The Raiders can't get anything on the ground so Carr has had to pick up first downs with zero routes and bubble screens. He finished the first half 9 for 12 for 59 yards and a touchdown.

The Jets run defense is as advertised, with the Raiders getting just 19 yards on the ground. Maurice Jones-Drew leads the way with 11 yards on 5 carries.

Geno Smith on the other hand has taken pretty much whatever he wants. He is 15 of 20 for 154 yards and a touchdown. He has rushed the ball six times for 28 yards. His big mistakes were the interception which was a great play from Charles Woodson, and his fumble at the goal line. Those turnovers as well as the Jets seven penalties are what is keeping this game close.