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Andre Johnson attended Derek Carr's junior high football games

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Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

For the first four years of Andre Johnson's career, David Carr was his fulltime quarterback. For a couple of those years, Raiders rookie quarterback Derek Carr was in junior high and Johnson would attend Derek's games to support the little brother of his starting quarterback.

"It's actually pretty crazy, especially just seeing him now in the league," Johnson told the Houston Chronicle. "He was a little kid running around here. I used to always talk to him after every game. He came out to practice. I got a chance to go watch him play a little bit in middle school. I've been following him since then. . . It's funny, man, to know that I'm going to be playing against him."

Derek was just 12-years-old when his brother David became the number one overall pick by the Texans. David was eventually replaced by Matt Schaub, who spent the past seven seasons as the starter in Houston.

Schaub was, of course, traded to the Raiders this off-season and was all set to face off against his former team this week when they come to Oakland to face the Raiders. That plan was upended when he got a sore elbow in preseason and Derek Carr took his job.

Now when Andre Johnson come to Oakland, instead of watching his former quarterback take the field, he will watch his other former quarterback's little brother take the field. Quite an interesting dynamic that is.