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Raiders injury update: Taiwan Jones "out for some time" with injured foot, Nick Roach still not ready

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Jeff Zelevansky

Taiwan Jones just returned to the lineup last week after missing most of the preseason with a knee strain. Now he is set to miss a while more.

"Taiwan Jones injured his foot, and I would imagine that he would be out for some time," Dennis Allen said Monday.

Any time there's an injury at this point that could cause a player to miss a considerable amount of time, the team must make the decision whether or not it is in their best interest to place them on injured reserve. To which Allen said "I think it's probably too early to really make a decision on that."

Jones has been the Raiders gunner on special teams the past couple seasons. He signed a contract extension this off-season.

The concussion Nick Roach suffered is still affecting him. He returned to practice on a limited basis last week but was held out of the opener.

"He's still out as of right now," said Allen. "We'll have to wait and see where he's at when the players are back in here on Wednesday, but as of right now he's still not ready to practice."

The injury is getting a bit concerning considering it has now been 2 1/2 weeks since it occurred. Roach is needed at the middle linebacker position. Mile Burris played in his place on Sunday with mixed results, and the team had several instances where they were not aligned properly and Geno Smith and the Jets gouged the Raiders defense pretty badly.

"Obviously not having Nick, with what he's able to bring to us from a communication standpoint, I mean that's a disappointment to not have him in the game, but I thought Miles went in there and held himself pretty well. I thought he played pretty solid."