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Broncos fall to Colts, Jack Del Rio now available for Raiders head coach job

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Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

All signs of late have pointed to the Raiders top two choices for their head coach position is between current Interim Head Coach, Tony Sparano, and Broncos defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio. Mark Davis said he was willing to wait as long as it took to get the guy he wants. If Del Rio is indeed that guy, as it appears he very well could be, he is now available for the hiring.

The Broncos fell to the Colts today 24-13 in their Divisional round playoff game in Denver. This makes it a one and done for Denver in the playoffs.

Depending on whether you think Del Rio is the right man for the job, you fall on different sides of this news. If you like the idea of Del Rio taking the job, you should be pretty happy that the wait is over. If you are against the hire, you can point to the fact that Del Rio's defense was unable to stop the Colts from putting up 24 points on them to knock them out of the playoffs.

On the other hand, it wasn't so much the Broncos' defense that let them down on Sunday. It was their offense. They scored just 13 points which is incredibly low for a Peyton Manning led offense. In a typical game against the Broncos, 24 points shouldn't be enough to beat them.

That Denver offense is called by Offensive Coordinator Adam Gase -- another hot head coaching candidate despite the Broncos offensive struggles. He has been requested by every team with an open head coaching position except the Raiders.