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Jack Del Rio scheduled for second interview with Raiders

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

No sooner did the Broncos get knocked out of the playoffs on Sunday, but the Raiders were calling Jack Del Rio to return for a second interview. This was expected as he is a front runner to land the Raiders head job. The interview will occur on Tuesday according to various reports.

The first time Del Rio interviewed for the team, it was without General Manager Reggie McKenzie. Mark Davis first spoke at length with Del Rio on the field prior to their week 17 meeting in Denver. Then he met with Del Rio for a formal interview a week ago.

It's clear Mark Davis likes Del Rio for the job and his opinion will be the one that carries the weight around the Raiders organization. Not just because he's the owner but because he was not pleased with the only other head coaching hire McKenzie made when he chose Dennis Allen.

This time Davis is making sure he is very much a part of the process. And meeting with many different candidates this year, including Mike Shanahan, he feels like he has a better handle on what he wants when choosing the Raiders next head coach.