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Mark Davis winds down at Hooters following Jack Del Rio interview

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VaVaNessie, Instagram

Mark Davis wasn't going to let his search for the Raiders next head coach keep him from Hooters Tuesday Wing deals. Following his interview with Del Rio, and subsequent reported disagreement with Reggie McKenzie about hiring him, he wound down by stopping off for what is his usual Tuesday night Hooters.

This picture was taken late Tuesday night at 10:25pm

From left to right, that's Marcel Reece, George Atkinson, and Mark Davis. I spoke with the Hooters waitress in the picture and she confirmed it was just the three of them at Hooters enjoying some wings. She also said Davis comes in there often because he enjoys "the laid back atmosphere."

Davis has a lot to think about with regard to the decision in front of him on who will be the Raiders next head coach. He undoubtedly trusts the opinions of his Pro Bowl fullback as well as that of Legendary Raiders cornerback. A lot of good business gets done over beer and hot wings. We should soon know the result of that business.