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Jack Del Rio deal done to become Raiders head coach

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Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

It's done. After interviewing with the Raiders yesterday and working out contract details through today, the Raiders have hired Jack Del Rio as their new head coach. It is said to be a 4-year deal.

The deal has yet to be made official by the team but the announcement is expected shortly.

We have been on this potential hiring from the beginning. Del Rio has been a strong candidate for this job for some time now. And once Jim Harbaugh was officially out of the question, Mark Davis went hard after Del Rio as the team's next head coach.

He comes to the Raiders as the former 9-year head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars as well as the defensive coordinator in Denver the past three seasons.

Del Rio has also been actively recruiting the likes of Marc Trestman as his offensive coordinator as well as his former defensive coordinator with the Jaguars, Mike Smith, who would return as in the same role after several seasons as head coach of the Atlanta Falcons.