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Mike Tice to join Raiders as Oline coach after all

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Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Just days after reports had the Falcons denying the Raiders permission to speak with Mike Tice is expected to join the Raiders as their offensive line coach. The mere fact that the Falcons were denying him an interview despite the fact there was no longer a head coach in place there was a bit ridiculous anyway. So, it's good to see the Falcons rethought their strategy.

Tice worked under Del Rio in Jacksonville as offensive line coach and assistant head coach. He will take the offensive line coach job for the Raiders and it is possible he also takes over as assistant head coach as well although that has yet to be established.

The former Vikings head coach is well-respected as an offensive line coach in this league. The mere fact that the Falcons wanted to keep in in the fold even without a head coach is proof of that. He becomes the first great hire by new head coach, Jack Del Rio.