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Marc Badain promoted to Raiders President

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Marc Badain (center) accepting an award The Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce
Marc Badain (center) accepting an award The Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce

In Friday's press conference to introduce Jack Del Rio as the Raiders new head coach, Mark Davis slipped in another announcement -- Marc Badain is now the Raiders team president.

"Mark Badain, who has been with the Raiders for 23 years is now going to become the president of the Raiders, moving up from CFO, so the interim tag has been taken off of him," said Davis.

Badain had worked directly under former longtime CEO, Amy Trask. He was the natural choice to take over Trask's duties when she resigned following the 2012 season. At that time, Davis told ESPN he was reluctant to hire a team president due to the uncertain stadium situation. He mentioned Badain in particular as a possibility.

"I've been talking to people ... but I'm leery to do anything before a stadium situation is figured out because I look at it as whoever's going to be running the business and that's the revenue side of it, it's pretty much site-specific in my mind," said Davis. "A lot of people say no, those people (team president candidates) can plug in anywhere. But I think for somebody to deal with corporations in the Bay Area, that's one person that's been in the Bay Area for a long time, who knows how to do that. The other teams in the Bay Area have people that have done that very well. So you'd be looking for somebody that knows the Bay Area. If we were to be going to either Los Angeles or somewhere else, you'd want somebody that knows that market, has those connections with those kinds of people ... so for me, I think it's a site -specific thing. I believe (Chief Finance Officer) Marc Badain is doing a great job right now, carrying on ... he's done a phenomenal job. And he is doing a phenomenal job. And the atmosphere around the office is just phenomenal right now. I don't know if you've talked to other people around but everybody's really happy around there."

I suppose you can read into that statement with Badain "carrying on", that has been the interim President for the past two seasons even without any kind of official interim status being released. This announcement just takes it out of the temporary category, and makes it official.