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Jack Del Rio will have final say on Raiders roster decisions

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There were rumblings on the day Jack Del Rio was getting his second interview for the Raiders that part of the decision was based around whether Del Rio would have control over the Raiders roster or if it would be General Manager Reggie McKenzie. Mark Davis, following Del Rio's introductory press conference, cleared things up some in that regard.

"He's going to work with Reggie," said Davis. "And that's how the other coaches had it, as well. I think there's just a perception outside--who's in charge, who's got the authority, who's got this and that? They're going to work together, they have to."

Being on even footing in a working relationship is important. It certainly isn't how things were prior to Mark Davis taking over the team. In any working relationship, however, there has to be the decision on who makes the final call on roster decisions. Who breaks the 1-1 tie in case of an impass. Davis answered that question with another question. And then answered the question entirely.

"Who should be in charge of the 46-man roster on game day?" Davis responded. "I would say the coach."

This is a pretty big statement because it will be the most power a Raiders head coach has had since Al Davis named himself head coach in the 60's. With the possible exception of the final 13 weeks of the 2011 season with Hue Jackson as head coach. And despite Davis' insistence Dennis Allen and McKenzie worked together on roster decisions, this is very much McKenzie's roster.

Davis reiterated that McKenzie and Del Rio must make their decisions as a team. Davis went on to point out that McKenzie and Del Rio are "very comfortable with the way the relationship is."