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NFL Championship Weekend Schedule

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The AFC and NFC title games are today! Who will punch their ticket to the Super Bowl?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Greetings, Raider fans! Raiderdamus is here again to bring you a shiny new thread to discuss the two games going on today. Who will travel to Glendale to play in Super Bowl 49 and be serenaded at halftime by Katy Perry? Who will instead go home to watch the game and gorge themselves on crock-pot Lil' Smokies? Find out today!

The first matchup today features Green Bay and the Aaron Rodgers Express going into Seattle to face Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas and the Legion of Boom. It's rare that a defensive player or unit gets top billing when discussing a team over its quarterback, but Seattle's defense definitely does. Aaron Rodgers might be the finest quarterback in all of football but it's Eddie Lacy that really makes Green Bay's offense tick. Can Seattle slow down the Packers rushing attack enough to earn the victory and go to a second straight Super Bowl?

Later on, Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts will take their talents to Foxboro and face the Patriots, who somehow got by the Ravens last week. The Patriots have to be the worst good team I have seen in a long time. Tom Brady is a wizard and when he retires there may be some hard times to come. The Colts' future, on the other hand, is very bright and Luck may soon take on the mantle of the NFL's best quarterback. If they could run the ball, they would be an absolute juggernaut. Instead they will have to rely on someone named Dan Herron, as Trent Richardson is not playing today. Let's see if they can overcome the Patriots on the road and make Tom Brady go home for another year!

NFC Championship Game: Green Bay at Seattle, 12:05 PM

AFC Championship Game: Indianapolis at New England, 3:40 PM