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Three Raiders named Best in the AFC West by Pro Football Focus

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The 2014 season has just one more game left before it can be put in the archives. That, of course, is Super Bowl XLIV on February 1. In the meantime the lists and ranks for the season that was continue to come out. Pro Football Focus has put together their rankings for the best of each division in football.

For the AFC West, they named three Raiders as First Team All Division. And a Raiders player represents each area of the game -- offense, defense, and special teams.

Donald Penn

He makes it along with Chiefs tackle Ryan Harris. Penn was ranked fifth in the league in pass blocking among left tackles.

Khalil Mack

The second highest rated player at any position on PFF. He had the third most run stops on the season. He makes it along with Broncos linebacker, Brandon Marshall.

Sebastian Janikowski

This one was a bit surprising based on the fact that Janikowski attempted so few field goals this season. But according to PFF he finished sixth in overall grading among double-duty kickers (kickoffs and field goals).

Notable omissions were Charles Woodson and Marcel Reece. Woodson was beat out at safety by Broncos T.J. Ward and Chargers Eric Weddle. Reece was beat out by Chiefs Anthony Sherman despite Reece being named to the Pro Bowl ahead of him. Even still, it's hard to argue those selections. Woodson and Reece just happened to be in the same division as three of the best players in the league at their position.