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Raiders to hire quarterbacks coach, Derek Carr enticing talent

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Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

There are currently two pieces in place for the Raiders offensive coaching staff. They have hired Bill Musgrave as Offensive Coordinator and Mike Tice as Offensive Line coach.

Musgrave himself has in the past acted as both OC and QB coach, but he said on Tuesday that the team will not be asking him to pull double duty. That means with a young quarterback in Derek Carr in place, hiring the right QB coach is a top priority.

According to Musgrave, having Carr on the Raiders made the job that much more attractive to him as an Offensive Coordinator, and others around the league share his feeling about Carr's potential.

"The presence of Derek was definitely a factor," Musgrave said of his decision to accept the Raiders Offensive Coordinator position. "I think a number of coaches have expressed interest in being Jack's offensive coordinator, and I know he talked to a number of people, and one of the main reasons would be the presence of Derek Carr."

Musgrave followed Carr back to his college days at Fresno State where Carr put up monster numbers. It made his Pro Day a popular event for pro scouts. Musgrave was among those who got an up close look Carr that day.

"I was at Fresno at his pro day and watched [New York Giants quarterbacks coach] Mike Sullivan conduct the workout of course. He had a terrific day that day. I talked with his older brother, who I'm familiar with because of his time in the league. It was a terrific day there in Fresno last spring prior to the draft. I was glad that I was there."

Developing Carr as a franchise QB is extremely important to Musgrave and the Raiders. If those around the league are as impressed with Carr as Musgrave claims they are, a good one should be interested in being credited for helping with his development.

Last season it was John DeFilippo who coached Carr. Coach ‘Flip' was interviewed by the Browns for their vacant Offensive Coordinator position. If he goes unhired, it seems possible he could return. If not, the search continues.