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Raiders assistants John DeFilippo, Greg Olson both land OC jobs to help other young QB's develop

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

After the kind of offense the Raiders deployed last season, there didn't seem like much there worth salvaging from a coaching standpoint. One of the few potential bright spots was the play of rookie quarterback Derek Carr. His development was impressive enough to the Browns and Jaguars that they hired the two men they believe most responsible for that development.

Greg Olson was the Raiders offensive coordinator the past two seasons. He came over from the Jaguars where he was their quarterbacks coach. The Jaguars liked him well enough to bring him back to be their offensive coordinator.

Landing the offensive coordinator position with the Browns today was Raiders quarterbacks coach, John DeFilippo. Coach ‘Flip' was widely respected as a quarterbacks coach and it's possible the Raiders would have brought him back in that role had he not found a job elsewhere as an offensive coordinator

Not only did Olson and Flip work with Carr last season, they worked with a raw Terrelle Pryor and undrafted rookie Matt McGloin the previous season. Pryor managed to actually look like he could be an NFL QB for a few games early last season and McGloin came out firing in his first start replacing him at midseason and looked quite good over the final seven games despite the team losing their last six games.

Both the Browns and the Jaguars have young quarterbacks of their own they need to develop. The Jaguars took Blake Bortles with the third overall pick in the draft and the Browns drafted Johnny Manziel with the 22nd overall pick.

Carr was more productive than either of those two in his rookie season. Manziel was a backup behind Brian Hoyer much of the season and when he finally got the start, he was lost for the season with an injured knee. And while he was in, he looked completely lost.

This means the only one of the top four drafted rookie quarterbacks last season who will not be coached by either Flip, Olson or both is Teddy Bridgewater who was taken 32 overall by the Minnesota Vikings.

Taking the OC job with the Browns or the Jaguars is not an enviable position. The Browns just saw their OC Kyle Shanahan resign his position after one season, reportedly due to disagreements about Manziel. His resignation means the Browns have gone through six OC's over the past six years.

Things aren't a whole lot brighter in Jacksonville. If they have another horrible season, it could mean another staff overhaul. Olson also has Doug Marrone as his offensive line coach. Marrone resigned his head coaching job in Buffalo in the hopes of finding a head job elsewhere. When that didn't pan out, he was hoping for an OC job. He settled for OL coach for the Jags. That means if the Jaguars offense struggles under Olson, don't be shocked if they pull his play calling duties and hand them over to Marrone.

At this point, the Browns and Jaguars are desperate. Both teams have had their share of draft busts at quarterback and they are hoping Flip and Olson are the guys to change their fortunes.