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Reggie McKenzie confirms his intention to bring back Charles Woodson

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

One of the questions near the end of last season was whether Charles Woodson would be returning to the Raiders for a third-straight season, his 18th in the NFL. Reggie McKenzie said Wednesday that he wants Woodson back for another season.

"Charles said he's going to try to get with me at some point and we'll sit down face to face," McKenzie said in an interview for Sirius XM NFL radio. "If Charles wants to play, he's checked out well physically so he's fine physically. So, it's going to be totally up to Charles and the coaching staff. I've talked to those guys about him and I would like to get him back if he wants to play. If he's all in 100%, I want him back."

Last season Woodson said he had two criteria for a return to the Raiders. One was how he felt at the end of the season.

He was hobbled in the season finale in Denver and though it didn't keep him from playing, he clearly wasn't 100%. But based on McKenzie just said, three weeks later, Woodson is good to go.

The other criteria was the return of Assistant Defensive Backs Coach, Marcus Robertson. That part of it was solved the same day when it was reported Robertson will be retained with a promotion to Defensive Backs Coach.

There is nothing standing in the way now of a Woodson return to the Raiders. It's just a matter of making it official.