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Raiders coaching staff as it stands now, positions yet to be filled

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With the hirings happening fast and furious (even on a Sunday), it can be hard to keep up with who the Raiders have hired so far and which positions are still yet to be filled. Here is how the staff stacks up so far:

Head Coach: Jack Del Rio (official)
Offensive Coordinator: Bill Musgrave (official)
Defensive Coordinator: ________________
Special Teams Coordinator: Brad Seely (official)
Offensive Line coach: Mike Tice (official)
Quarterbacks coach: Todd Downing (official)
Running Backs coach: Bernie Parmalee
Wide Receivers coach: Rob Moore
Tight Ends coach: Bobby Johnson
Defensive Line coach: __________________
Linebackers coach: Sal Sunseri (official)
Defensive Backs coach: Marcus Robertson (official)
Strength and Conditioning: ______________

These are the positions which have been either officially announced or reported.

As you can see, the only coordinators and position coaches yet to be named are Defensive Coordinator, Defensive Line coach, and Strength and Conditioning coach. No assistant position coaches and quality control personnel have been officially named either.

As for Defensive Coordinator, the Raiders were reported to have interviewed a college coach for the job on Sunday. That candidate has not been revealed and if he is hired an announcement may not happen until as late as February 4 which is National Signing Day for College Football.

Thus far the only coach who was retained from the previous staff was Marcus Robertson who was Assistant Defensive Backs coach last season.