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Budweiser once again tugs on heart strings with "Lost Dog" Super Bowl 2015 commercial

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Each year, the NFL's biggest sponsor, Anheiser Busch, offers up a strong contender for best Super Bowl ad. The past few years, they have gone with the more heartfelt variety with regard to their Budweiser commercials. The latest installment is called "Lost Dog" and it once again appeals to the strong bond we feel with our animals.

This particular commercial goes a step farther, with the strong bond between the Budweiser Clydesdales and a small yellow lab puppy who gets lost and must find his way home. The pup playfully gets in the back of a horse trailer and accidentally is hauled away.

The man is seen posting Lost Dog signs around town and the puppy finds his way home. But on his way up to the house, he is confronted by a wolf. The Clydesdales beginning rustling in their pens and manage to break free and come to the puppy's aid, scaring the wolf away. Then the puppy, wet and muddy from his adventure, makes the final run up the driveway with a posse of Clydesdales in tow.

All of this happens with a somber rendition of the song "I'm Gonna Be (500 miles)" by Passenger. In last year's Super Bowl ad, Budweiser introduced the relationship between the Clydesdales and this little pup. That ad introduced the Passenger song "Let Her Go". Here is that commercial.