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Todd Grantham declines Raiders defensive coordinator position, stays at Louisville

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Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Just when it looked like the Raider may have found their next defensive coordinator, they now must keep looking. The team had interviewed Louisville Defensive Coordinator Todd Grantham earlier this week and it appeared as if he may be the team's choice to take the position. The wait for any kind of announcement being signing day on February 4th. But with a week left before that date, Louisville has announced Grantham will remain with the team, ending his candidacy for the Raiders job.

"I'm grateful for the opportunity to have interviewed for the Defensive Coordinator position with the Oakland Raiders," Said Grantham in a statement. "but I' committed to the University of Louisville."

For the Raiders, Grantham becomes the third candidate to interview for defensive coordinator, with none taking the job. The other two were Eric Mangini -- who took the job with the 49ers -- and Mike Smith -- who appears to not be interested in coaching at all right now.

The offensive coordinator position was filled by Bill Musgrave within a week of Jack Del Rio taking the head coaching job. It has now been two weeks since then and the team is still without a Defensive Coordinator or Defensive Line coach. All other coordinators and position coaches have been hired, including all other defensive position coaches, despite none of them knowing who will be their Defensive Coordinator.

Some have speculated the Raiders may seek out a staff member on one of the Super Bowl teams. That may or may not have been part of the plan, but with most of the top candidates having already taken positions elsewhere, it becomes more of an option now as many of their top choices are no longer an option.