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Poll Position: Do Raiders have a need at defensive tackle?

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With all offensive position present and accounted for, we switch to the other side of the ball now and we begin with the defensive tackles. This position has been rather unsettled in recent year, with different starters at both positions each of the past three years. And appropriately enough, the subject right now is Justin Tuck doing a bit of recruiting to Ndamukong Suh to join the Raiders.

Let's see where it stands now and you can be the judge if it is a need for the Raiders.

Antonio Smith

The oldest of several free agents signed by the Raiders last season. He is 33-years-old and heading into his 12th NFL season. He came to the Raiders as a 3-4 defensive end and played the 3-tech DT spot for the team. His strength is as a pass rusher more than a run stopper which is evident in his numbers from last season in which he totaled just 20 tackles (18 solo) and was third on the team with 3.0 sacks.

Justin Ellis

The rookie stepped up at the nose tackle spot, starting 14 games last season, and earned himself a mention on most All Rookie teams because of it. He has shown the potential to be the long term starter at that position. He finished with 21 tackles (16 solo).

Pat Sims (UFA)

Last year's starter couldn't find another team to step up and sign him to a deal he liked so he returned to the Raiders on a second straight one-year deal. He was the starter for the first couple weeks but soon lost that job to Ellis. He finished with more tackles than Ellis, however, totaling 25 (17 solo).

Ricky Lumpkin

Spent much of last season on the practice squad but was called up midseason and appeared in five games, totaling 9 tackles (6 solo) from the 3-tech DT spot.

Stacy McGee

For all the talk of how good he was supposed to be as a rookie, he did not live up to any of it this season. He appears in 11 games but only totaled 4 tackles (2 solo) and late in the season saw his playing time going to Lumpkin.