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Dove 'Real Strength' Super Bowl commercial sends perfect message NFL needs to send

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You will see a lot of ads during the Super Bowl Sunday. Most of the memorable ones will be funny or sexy or just plain ludicrous in an attempt to catch your attention. What Dove does with their ad for their Dove Men + Care line accomplishes much more than sell a product. They send a powerful message about what it means to be a dad and what 'real strength' really is.

It's a message anyone can relate to. We all have or had a father. Some of whom are or were vital parts of our lives. Others whose fathers weren't around. The message resonates just the same.

Some of you are fathers or plan to be one some day. The message most certainly resonates to you.

If Budweiser can evoke emotion over a fictional scenario of a relationship between a puppy and some horses, surely the very real scenario of your father being there for you and you, as a father, being there for your child should be cause for a lump in your throat.

The NFL would very much approve of this message and probably should be putting this kind of ad out themselves. The Super Bowl is the culmination of a season which saw the Adrian Peterson child abuse case, the Ray Rice domestic abuse incident, and Aaron Hernandez murder trial just beginning. While the world is watching, positive messages are very much needed.

It's nice to see an ad about the bond between father and child amongst the countless click bait articles, pics, and videos about "Mother leaves kid home along with dad and you won't believe what happened next".

Fathers aren't "left" with their kids by the mother. With the only question being "Where's mommy?" Fathers aren't always detached with the mother being the only one with the 'instincts' to properly nurture a child. Fathers are vital. Or more accurately put -- as echoed throughout the video -- "Daddy".

The video ties it all together by asking "What makes a man stronger? Showing that he really cares."

"Real strength" indeed.