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Poll results: Los Angeles wants Rams, Raiders, not Chargers

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With the three potential teams headed for a relocation to Los Angeles narrowed to the Chargers, Raiders, and Rams, the LA Times is running a poll asking the locals which of the three teams they would like to see make their return to LA-LA land.

It is highly likely LA will be home to two of those three franchises - all of whom once called LA home. The poll was posted Friday, January 30. Now 24 hours later, with some 20,000 votes counted, the overwhelming favorite is the Rams. The Raiders also receive a good deal of support as one might expect. The Chargers? Not so much.

Here is the current vote count as of Saturday afternoon:

Rams 65% (12707)
Raiders 31% (6013)
Chargers 4% (852)

Many of you weren't aware of the poll until now as you probably don't follow much of what happens in the LA times. Many of you would also like the Raiders to stay in Oakland and therefore would take the poll simply to vote for one of the other teams. You can still take the poll, and it will probably change the results slightly, but at this point, the poll offers its most accurate representation of the feeling of those in Los Angeles.

It just so happens, the Rams are the team that looks most like a lock to return to LA. Their owner has purchased land in Los Angeles which he is attempting to have a stadium built upon. That's a pretty surefire indication he is set to become the LA Rams once again.

The question then becomes who will share that stadium, if anyone. Los Angeles clearly wants it to be the Raiders.