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Tim Brown is among final five for Pro Football Hall of Fame, Marvin Harrison is out

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Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

With the final official announcement for the Pro Football Hall of Fame class happening tonight, the first step was to trim the field from 15 to 5 modern era finalists. Tim Brown is among those who were cut which means he is still in it. Last year Brown was among the five cuts leading up to the announcement.

As Brandt notes, the only thing now is to get the vote percentage and he's in. With Marvin Harrison not among those to make the final five, there is no danger of a logjam at the position with votes split between them.

Tim Brown has been eligible for the past six years. Obviously this would be the farthest he has ever gotten. For his sake, hopefully it means one step farther which would mean he doesn't have to go through this process ever again. He is not a fan of it.