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Tim Brown, Ron Wolf among Pro Football Hall of Fame class of 2015

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Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

The wait is over. After 6 years of eligibility Raiders legendary receiver, Tim Brown is a Hall of Famer. Also getting in the Hall of Fame is former Raiders scout and Packers General Manager Ron Wolf. The entire 2015 Hall of Fame class is as follows.

Tim Brown
Jerome Bettis
Charles Haley
Junior Seau
Will Shields
Bill Polian (contributor)
Ron Wolf (contributor)
Mick Tinglehoff (senior nominee)

There is no question Tim Brown was deserving of being in the Hall of Fame. He was the last wide receiver from the 90s All Decade team to be enshrined. The others were Jerry Rice, Michael Irvin, and Cris Carter. He was on that team despite not having anything even resembling a great quarterback until 1998 when Rich Gannon came to Oakland.

Here is where Tim Brown ranks among Hall of Fame eligible receivers:

Receiving Yards

1. Jerry Rice 22,895 HOF
2. Isaac Bruce 15,208

3. Tim Brown 14,934 HOF

4. Marvin Harrison 14,580
5. James Lofton 14,004 HOF
6. Cris Carter 13,899 HOF
7. Henry Ellard 13,777
8. Torry Holt 13,382
9. Andre Reed 13,198 HOF
10. Steve Largent 13,089 HOF


1. Jerry Rice 1549 HOF
2. Marvin Harrison 1102
3. Cris Carter 1101 HOF

4. Tim Brown 1094 HOF

5. Isaac Bruce 1024
6. Andre Reed 951 HOF
7. Art Monk 940 HOF
8. Torry Holt 920
9. Jimmy Smith 862
10. Irving Fryar 851
11. Steve Largent 819 HOF

Receiving TD's

1. Jerry Rice 197 HOF
2. Cris Carter 130 HOF
3. Marvin Harrison 128

3. Tim Brown 100 HOF

4. Steve Largent 100 HOF
5. Don Hutson 99 HOF
6. Isaac Bruce 91
7. Don Maynard 88 HOF
8. Andre Reed 87 HOF
9. Paul Warfield 85 HOF
10. Lance Alworth 85 HOF

Those who would notice Harrison has more catches and TD's than Tim Brown should also note one other thing Harrison had that Tim Brown did not: Peyton Manning.

Ron Wolf joined the Raiders as a scout in 1963 and spent 12 years with the organization before joining the expansion Buccaneers as VP of operations in 1976. He then returned to the Raiders front office in 1979 and remained there until 1989. In 1991 he became the Packers General Manager and retired in 2001 after 11 years on the job.

Congratulations, Tim Brown. The journey is complete. Brown told me last week that his brother would be the one presenting him.

And congratulations to Ron Wolf as well as the other members of the 2015 Hall of Fame class. See you in Canton.