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Danny Trejo shows comedy chops in hilarious Snickers Brady Bunch Super Bowl commercial

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Ladies and gentlemen, we have an early favorite for funniest Super Bowl commercial. And it will be hard to top. I mean, an ax wielding Danny Trejo in an episode of The Brady Bunch? That's must-see TV right there.

You see, Marsha is upset because Peter hit her on the nose with the football and now she has a bandage on her nose with a school dance to attend. Not helping the situation is she's hungry. And when she's hungry she's not gets "a little hostile". In this case, she's Danny Trejo with an ax kind of hostile. So, dad gives her a Snickers and she's back to her normal 70s sitcom self.

Then Jan is upset because it's all about "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha". She's clearly in need of a Snickers herself because when she's hungry, she turns into Steve Buscemi, then she storms off into her bedroom and slams the door. Classic.