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Report: Mike Shanahan interviewed for Raiders head coach (this is not a joke)

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Planted firmly in the realm of things no one ever thought could possibly happen, Mike Shanahan -- yes THAT Mike Shanahan -- interviewed for the Raiders head coaching position. This according to Diana Russini of NBC 4.

Color me shocked. This is a move no one ever thought possible. Even if he wasn't hired, just the mere fact that he or Mark Davis and the Raiders would every entertain a meeting is an outlandish idea at best. But here we are.

For those unfamiliar, Mike Shanahan was head coach of the Raiders once. He lasted one season and four games before being fired. Then Al Davis refused to pay him what he was owed and Shanahan made it his life's work to beat the Raiders. There were no two figures in the NFL who hated each other more than Al Davis and Mike Shanahan.

Shanahan became the head coach of the rival Broncos where he won two Super Bowls with John Elway -- the quarterback Al Davis once tried to trade up to get but the trade was squashed by the NFL.

Even with Al gone, it would seem Shanahan would still steer well clear on the Silver & Black. And who knows how serious the talks were. Shanahan was in town to interview with the 49ers as well.

Can any Raiders fans even imagine Mike Shanahan donning Raiders gear and you cheering for him after hating him so much for so many years? After this news, I think anything is possible.